Advocacy and Services

The elected directors of the Students’ Union advocate on behalf of all Coast Mountain College students. They actively ensure the governing bodies of the College, the Board of Governors and the Education Council, as well as the provincial and federal governments hear the concerns of students.

Coast Mountain College students are members of the British Columbia Federation of Students. Together with over 150,000 students across the province, we work to increase funding to the college, fair policies for all students, and fight for reduced tuition fees.

You may file an appeal or complaint if you feel that a college employee has treated you unfairly or if you feel that a college policy has been infringed. The case will be brought forward to the appeals committee, which is made up of student services employees, CMTN faculty, and students’ union representatives. This appeals committee will discuss the case and any infringements of college policy. Members are encouraged to contact the Students’ Union for support as early as possible when making an appeal. You are entitled to have a third-party witness at any stage of your appeal or complaint, and that’s where you can come to us. We’ll help guide you through the process and give recommendations for next steps.

We provide an array of services for our members to help save money on everyday purchases, in time of need, and opportunities to engage with their fellow students. Find a full list of our services below or stop by one of our office to speak with staff and representatives.

Emergency Food Voucher Program
Outlined in our bylaws, Coast Mountain Students’ Union contribute annually to the College in a joint program to purchase gift cards for students who are struggling to purchase food. To learn more or to apply for one of these cards please see your Student Services team at your campus or contact them here.

Free Coffee and Tea
Coast Mountain Students’ Union provides supplies for coffee, tea, and hot chocolate to most campuses. This service is available in the Longhouse kitchen on the Terrace Campus, the student kitchens on both Smithers and Hazelton Campuses, and student lounge on the Prince Rupert Campus. If these supplies are low or empty please feel free to email us, speak with a representative or inform front desk staff who will contact us.

Student Discount Program – Deals App
For your everyday purchases, we partner with the British Columbia Federation of Students and local businesses to offer discounts for students. In September, the BCFS launched a mobile app to make it easier for students and businesses to access discounts. The app is available in both Apple Store and android Play Store as Deals App. To find simply type in “deals app” or “BCFS app” and look for the logo displayed below. You must sign up with your student number to be able to access the discounts and your account will expire a year after you have signed up. When presenting the app at the time of purchase, click on discount location and a digital coupon will appear. Present to cashier to redeem the discount.

Coast Mountain Students’ Union Clubs
Clubs are designed to enhance the post-secondary education experience by offering students the opportunity to pursue learning, representation and social engagement through extra-curricular activities within the diverse community of Coast Mountain College. Clubs are voluntary organizations formed by members of the student body and are a traditional part of campus life, contributing in a significant way to its intellectual, political, social and cultural diversity. In order to start a club on campus you must have 10 students sign the club application sheet clubs application sheet, submit completed sheet to our email or Terrace Campus office for Board approval. Staff will then email the main contact specified within the application and request a proposal of funds required, what is the purpose of the club, and what dates and times the club will meet. Our staff can also help with book space on Campus for the club to meet regularly. For more information please contact us.

Free Promotional Materials
When tabling around campus or at events, Coast Mountain Students’ Union purchases materials through the BCFS bulk purchasing program to offer free materials to members. In years past we have offered water bottles, notebooks, pens, highlighters, toques, lanyards, pencil cases, and travel mugs. The orders are fulfilled by a Vancouver-based company called Fairware, where they have items sourced by companies who are fair-trade certified, and of high quality. Stop by our table when we see us around Campus or at our events to see what items you can pick up for free. 

Annual Member Handbook and Day Planner
Our most popular service on all campuses is the annual member handbook and day planner that corresponds with the current academic year. Each year members request handbooks on all campuses, and Board of Directors have determined this is a vital service to membership. Handbooks can be found on all campuses in libraries, registration areas, and Students’ Union offices. If you notice that supplies are low or empty please let us know or contact College staff to send us an email.